Past to Present (By Colin Markowitz)

While on a drive back from a week of debauchery in New Orleans, my brother Daniel and I read the latest version of Our Fantasies Are Eating Us Alive!  The work was an original stage play my dear friend Brett Andres had been adapting for film for a couple of years, with the requisite late-night cocktail and wine fueled input from his friends. We had read good earlier versions and had continued to send our notes and discuss the story’s development with Brett. The draft we read on the road back from New Orleans blew us away. Somewhere in Northwestern Missouri in a fireworks shop parking lot we decided this story was too genius not be realized. Within a week we presented Brett with an offer to partner, incorporate our production company, and produce the feature Our Fantasies Are Eating Us Alive!

Since incorporating Don’t Mind If I Do Films, we have come a long way in the editing and development of Our Fantasies Are Eating Us Alive! With the introduction of new scenes, improved pacing, and sharpening of the characters and story this already brilliant screenplay now projects itself from the pages, searching for its screen.

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